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Each project is uniquely different and requires specific care and precision in quoting the right equipment for the job. We are here to help point you in the right direction for your stunt needs in regards to crew and the use of the right equipment for your project's safety and best production value.


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Wire Effect Stunts

Power Slide Package

Fall Stunts

Stage Dive Package

Fight Stunts

Battle Cry Package

One of the most classic effects in stunts is the fall. Whether you want to fall off of a building or trip over a rock while running, we have you covered. Keeping the performer perfectly safe we will let them focus on making the fall look real. Even a simple trip and fall will be enhanced with the Stage Dive Package.

Hand pulls, high lines, and air tanks are only some of the equipment we’ll use to have you doing back-flips in the air in no time. Our team is highly trained and experienced with lifting a performer into the air to do any number of effects that greatly enhance a scene, from being pulled through a wall, to moving like an acrobat in midair.

Combining his skills as a fight scene performer and an action scene Cinematographer, Alvin Hsing leads the Metal Head Rigging team into some of the best fight scenes the industry has seen in stunts. These scenes are not only realistic, but engaging. Additionally, ask about our Wire Rigging Effects to help enhance your fight scenes.

Vehicle Stunts

Metal Shredding Package

Set Safety

The Roadies' Package

One of our more epic features, the Metal Shredding Package includes a top industry professional stunt driver as well as some of the most well-made pipe ramps and safety features to keep our driver and your crew safe.

Here at Metalhead Rigging we take safety very seriously. Our first priority is the safety of a set. With each of our packages we include a safety officer on site to ensure a safe environment for the cast and crew. If a set appears unsafe, Metalhead Rigging reserves the right to halt a production until the safety issue can be addressed. We pride ourselves on having a safe and secure set for each production. We also offer our Roadies’ Package for general set safety.

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