Rental Requirements

New Customers


Complete our New Customer Form (pdf) and send it back to us before your rental.




Be ready to pay with cash, money order, check, or credit/debit card at the start of your rental. To prevent fraud and theft, we’ll need to confirm your credit card via email or a fax that includes a copy of the card and a signed copy of the New Customer Form (pdf), which includes a credit card section.


Rentals paid for via cash, check, or debit card require a valid credit card or cash for a deposit equal to the value of the deductible of the renter’s property insurance, or the replacement cost value of the equipment being rented. We may also request a copy of a photo ID for the person picking up or receiving the equipment.




We need to have acceptable and current copies of both your Certificate of Property Coverage and your Certificate of General Liability in our possession before the equipment leaves our facility.  Policies with “unattended vehicle” disclaimers will not be accepted.


When renting professional production equipment, rental companies like Metalhead Rigging are primarily concerned that you have two types of insurance coverage for their protection (and yours).


1.General Liability coverage that names Metalhead Rigging as an additional insured. We want to make sure that you have insurance coverage if you or someone on your crew has an accident involving some of our equipment that damages something or injures someone.

2.Property Coverage (all risk & replacement cost) for leased/rented equipment naming Metalhead Rigging as loss payee. This gear is expensive & occasionally hard to replace. We want to make sure that you, through your insurance coverage, have the means to repair or replace the equipment if it’s damaged, lost or destroyed. This insurance would also cover the rental payments for the time it takes to repair or replace the equipment.


—   OR  –


Self Insurance –  If you don’t have acceptable property coverage, Metalhead Rigging may offer to rent the equipment to you and charge an Uninsured Fee of 12% of the rental total. (Rental and liability agreement must still be signed).

•We charge this fee to offset the cost of higher premiums on our insurance coverage for rentals without customer-provided insurance.

•This fee doesn’t provide access to any insurance coverage that we possess, nor does it provide any replacement cost protection for you. You remain entirely responsible for any damage and/or loss to the equipment while in your possession.

•We may also require a cash or check deposit for up to the full value of the replacement cost of the equipment being rented.

•We reserve the right to limit the amount of equipment that you may rent without providing your own insurance.


Need insurance just for the length of the rental? We would love to recommended the proper insurance coverage based on your project upon request.

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