Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jeffrey started rock climbing at the age of 19 and never looked back. As a climber for the past 34 years, Jeff has learned many techniques required to work at great heights safely, including rescue, extraction techniques, first aid and CPR certifications.


In his early years he was a set foreman, designer, dresser and prop master giving him his first introduction to the film business. In 2008 Jeff was hired on with top rigger Scott Cosgrove, assisting him with stunt rigging. From the very beginning Jeff worked with some of the top innovators in the stunt rigging world that shared their expertise and skills giving Jeff, not only a passion for stunts, but also the key skills that made him a top competing expert in the field.


Although the skills and technology of the stunt world continue to change Jeff has continued to adapt easily to these changes and advance his skill sets. His own background in rock climbing gives him a unique advantage in the stunt world bringing the tools and skill sets of a professional rock climber to the stunt world with innovative and unique ideas for stunt techniques and safety features that stand out among the rest. Additionally, his certification as a plumber allows Jeff the ability for special effects that most coordinators lack the skill to do.


As Metalhead Rigging’s number one safety officer, Jeffrey’s skills, knowledge and the ability to give the desired production value are nothing compared to his attention to detail when focusing on the importance of keeping the cast and crew safe.



Mountain Man Jeff

A.K.A. Jeffrey Constine

Stunt Coordinator

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