Jake the Snake Plissken

A.K.A. Jacob Whitley


Completing his first feature length film at the age of 19, Jacob came sprinting out of the gates into the film industry the moment he was released from high-school. He spent his college years at Cal State Fullerton taking advantage of the film programs and soaking in his professor's knowledge for his own professional use. Simultaneously, Jacob dove head first into the film industry, networking and managing distribution deals for his first feature, EDGE. Finally getting his film on an independent streaming site similar to Netflix, Jacob turned his focus to his next big project.


Over the following years Jacob would produce productions such as the Ubisoft promotional film project Tom Clancy - The Division: Dark Winter, Hide and Go Seek staring Vernon Wells and Don Scribner, and Buckshot, quickly earning a name for himself as the kind of independent producer that can manipulate impossibly low budgets and still come out on top and on budget with production value more valuable than what the budget provided.


In 2016 Jacob continued his education by getting his Project Management Certification from his alma mater. Focusing on his career in Orange County, Jacob started working as an operator in Audio Visual for corporate clients , otherwise known as a Corporate Roadie. This allowed him to gain the necessary skill sets of rigging from camera and lighting equipment to eventually stunts. From being a professional angular on the sea to being inspired by rock and roll as a filmmaker, Jacob has lived his life surrounded by the core values of  Metal head Rigging.

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